Hmm… Russ Carnahan's Office Firebombed But Prosecutor's Office Lets Suspect Go; Documents Removed From Carnahan's Office (Video)

Photo of Carnahan’s office after the firebombing. (Via the Carnahan Office)

The St. Louis Prosecutor’s Office released the suspect in the firebombing attack at Russ Carnahan’s office. They said they “let the suspect go because they are doing fingerprints and they want to be careful.” The man they arrested after the “firebombing” was a 50 year-old white male.
The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported:

The man, whose name was not made public, was let go after the prosecutor’s office declined to immediately issue charges. The case was “taken under advisement” by the prosecutor, a step that can mean more evidence is needed before a case can be made.

And, they let him go? Really? For arson? For firebombing the office of a federal official? By the way, “firebombing” a federal candidate’s office is a federal crime too, no? This is very odd. The office, located in the back of the building. My FOX St. Louis said the room that was targeted is Carnahan’s finance office. They would not allow cameras inside, saying there is too much sensitive campaign and financial information on display. They did allow a reporter to look around. There were charred documents, some burned electronic equipment, and the walls and ceiling were gray from smoke damage.

Also, from a source today I heard that a person yesterday said he/she saw people leaving Carnahan’s office with St. Louis Bread Company bags full of papers. When asked if they were with Carnahan, they wouldn’t answer.
Today at 4 PM Russ Carnahan canceled a town hall for veterans scheduled for 7 PM tonight.
Remember, Missouri ACORN is in the same building. (Shocking, I know!)
Something is very fishy here.

Once again here is the video report on the attack from My FOX St. Louis:

More… Aries added this:

Fingerprints? I thought an incendiary device (aka “Firebomb”) was thrown through the window? Where exactly would said fingerprints be? Something sure smells here Jim, please stay on this.

Good point.

UPDATE: Local KMOV reported this on the mysterious fire:

Someone broke a window and tossed a burning object inside catching some of the office on fire but doing minimal damage to the building.

Hours later a company installed security cameras in the front and back of that building.

When I went by the building this morning I got a weird vibe. I saw a campaign worker coming out of the back of the office with big Bread Company to-go bags. I jokingly said, “Are you with Bread Company or the Carnahan campaign?” He said, “Bread Company,” then tossed the bags in the dumpster and went to the front of the building, presumably back in the office. Weird.

(I talked to a reporter at another station who worked on this story who told me when she was there, she met a campaign worker outside the building who also denied being associated with the campaign. When she went inside to talk to a spokesperson, she saw that person who denied being with the campaign IN Carnahan’s office.)

Then when I talked to a campaign spokesperson she refused to comment on anything beyond what police already told us. I tried to ask “What do you make of this?”… “How are workers and volunteers inside dealing with the fact their office was attacked?”… but Angela Guyadeen would have none of it. She wouldn’t even tell me why she wouldn’t answer these simple questions.

This story is getting a little weird.

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