Great. Chimp Baboon on the Loose in St. Louis …Update: It Was a Hoax

Let’s hope the owners didn’t feed it any Xanax before it got loose.

Here’s video via the Post-Dispatch:

St. Louis Today


Authorities are trying to catch a baboon or chimp that neighbors in a Florissant subdivision reported seeing on the loose near Patterson Road and Jana Drive.

Police called the St. Louis Zoo to see if an expert in handling such animals could help them catch it, said William Karabas, the police chief of Florissant.

“So far, it hasn’t been aggressive,” Karabas said.

A woman in the neighborhood got close enough to the animal to snap a photo of it on her cell phone. She posted the photo on the internet.

Karabas said he saw the photo: “It sure looks like a primate to me.”

It’s a baboon
KSDK reported:

Sgt. Kevin Boscher said the department received more than one report of a loose baboon near Patterson and Moulet on Thursday morning.

Florissant officers are in the area and the St. Louis Zoo officials are assisting.

A woman named Samantha Windsor took a picture of the baboon with her cell phone. The primate’s face is dark blue and black.

Windsor said she was awoken this morning by her barking dog. When she looked out into her yard, she saw the baboon standing under a small tree in her yard.

Windsor decided to take a picture with her cell phone. The phone says “smile” when you snap a picture. The baboon became agitated by that command and ran off to play with a volleyball.

UPDATE: The 14 year-old girl admitted later today that it was a hoax.

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