GOP Patriot Ben Quayle Rips Obama in Victory Speech

Arizona Republican Ben Quayle, son of former Republican Vice President Dan Quayle, separated himself from the pack in his primary race when he released this ad attacking Barack Obama as,
“The worst president in US history.”

Certainly if you look at the fact that Obama tripled the US deficit and nearly doubled unemployment along with ramming through his toxic socialist agenda, it’s hard to argue with Quayle. Obama is destroying this country.

Last night after his election win, Quayle again hammered Barack Obama.
The Politico reported:

With his prospects uncertain heading into the 10-way Republican primary Tuesday night, Ben Quayle canceled a planned victory party. But with a win in hand Wednesday, Quayle finally got to make a celebratory speech, where he hammered a familiar target: President Barack Obama.

His victory speech’s first line mirrored a startling attack ad he released in the campaign’s final weeks: “I mainly have eight words for you: Barack Obama is the worst president in history,” he told supporters.

Quayle, the embattled son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, won 22 percent of the Republican vote in the Arizona 3rd District primary for the seat of retiring GOP Rep. John Shadegg — enough to win the election in a crowded field.

Businessman Steve Moak came in second with 18 percent. State Sen. Jim Waring and Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker each took 17 percent.

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