Glenn Beck: Obama Practices Type of Marxism Disguised as Religion (Video)

Popular TV and radio host Glenn Beck told Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday today that Barack Obama’s practice of “liberation theology” is actually a type of Marxism disquised as religion that the Catholic Church has spoken out against.

Beck was on with Wallace after the massive Restoring Honor Rally yesterday in Washington DC.

Of course, Glenn Beck is correct.

Pope John Paul II publicly reprimanded priests who practices Marxist liberation theology.

“Pope John Paul II on his 1983 arrival in Managua, publicly reprimanded Jesuit priest and Sandinista Minister of Culture Ernesto Cardenal. (American Catholic)


The Pope was highly suspicious of Marxist thought:
(From an old Newsday article)

In 1983, Pope John Paul II visited Nicaragua. On his arrival at the airport tarmac, the Pope visibly admonished a Marxist Nicaraguan priest who had been waiting to greet him.

These battles with communism left John Paul deeply suspicious of Marxist thought. By his lights, that included liberation theology, which tried to bring the concern of Jesus for the poor to bear on the miserable living conditions in Latin America. For John Paul, liberation theologians had borrowed too much from Marxism.

The most famous images of his concern occurred during a visit to Nicaragua, where priests were serving in the cabinet of the Sandinista government. John Paul wanted them out. One of them, Ernesto Cardenal, met him at the airport, and the pope visibly admonished him.

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