Close Your Eyes… Now Imagine George W. Bush With a Record 9.5% Unemployment Rate

If you ever wondered about the depth of corruption in the state-run media is, read this…

Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression and possibly is the worst jobs president in US History.

(Source: US Misery Index)

The democrats wanted to fundamentally change America. They did.
The US unemployment rate has not fallen below 10.8 percent in the last 12 13 months. This is unprecedented.


And then there’s this…
Jobless claims rose “unexpectedly” last week to the highest level in 9 months.

But you sure wouldn’t know Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression from the state-run media. They sure aren’t going to bring that up before the election!

Now compare the non-reporting on Obama’s failed policies to the reporting during the Bush years.
The Media Research Center reported on how the corrupt media discussed the 5.4 unemployment rate during the election in 2004.

When Bill Clinton ran for re-election in 1996, the unemployment rate was 5.2 percent, inflation was three percent and economic growth was 2.2 percent. Sound good? The economy is just as good, if not better, right now: the unemployment rate is 5.4 percent, inflation is 2.7 percent, and economists’ consensus forecast for economic growth this quarter is 3.7 percent.

Yet a new study by Dan Gainor, Director of the MRC’s Free Market Project, found that while the national media mainly cheered the Clinton economy in 1996 (85 percent positive), reporters have mostly jeered the Bush economy in 2004 (77 percent negative). Two 2004 stories were judged as neutral.

Even when the economy was producing 144,000 jobs a month and the unemployment rate was 5.4% in September 2004 the state-run media twisted the story into a negative.
The Media Research Center again reported:

The unemployment rate fell a tenth to 5.4 percent in August as 144,000 jobs were created during the month and the job creation number for July was revised upward by more than double, from 32,000 to 73,000 new jobs, but all the networks on Friday night managed to turn the Labor Department numbers, released that morning, into a negative.

CBS’s John Roberts ran a soundbite of President Bush touting the 5.4 percent rate, but then he undermined the good news: “What the President didn’t say was that the employment numbers in August again fell short of expectations, and it is now certain he will end his first term as the first President since the Great Depression to lose jobs on his watch.” Roberts grew even more dire as he stressed how “the situation is worse than it seems. While the President touts the results of his economic recovery plan, job creation hasn’t kept up with population growth.”

…Later, on CNN’s NewsNight, John King offered only a brief mention of the subject in a larger campaign story: “The President sought a silver lining in new economic data that Democrats suggest is a major Bush weakness, a modest addition of just 200,000 jobs the past two months.” Joe Johns highlighted a charge made by Kerry: “My friends, at the rate that this administration is creating jobs, you’re not going to have a net-plus one job in the state of Ohio until the year 2011!”

The corrupt media even reported a Clinton unemployment rate of 5.4% as good but declared a Bush unemployment rate of 5.0% as bad.

That is how the state-run media reported the unemployment rate when it was 5% during the Bush years. Could you even imagine if that number would have been close to 10% like it is today? They would have lynched Bush and Cheney on the White House lawn. And yet you don’t hear the democratic-media complex saying boo about Obama’s failed economic policies despite the fact that Obama himself took ownership of the economy over a year ago.

Now tell me the leftwing media is not corrupt!

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