Bus Tour Opposing Abortion in Obamacare Raises Ire of So-Called "Pro-Life" Democrats

A bus tour opposing abortion in midwest districts of democratic representatives who supported the pro-abortion Obamacare bill is raising the ire of so-called “pro-life” democrats.
Of course, the Obamacare vote earlier this year showed there were no pro-life democrats.
Life News reported:

The bus tour the Susan B. Anthony List is sponsoring through the Midwest to highlight the way in which some “pro-life” Democrats voted for the pro-abortion health care bill is raising the ire of the House members from Indiana and Ohio. They are responding to the criticism with assertions pro-life groups aren’t pro-life.

The SBA List is today continuing a 23-city bus tour, “Votes Have Consequences,” in the districts of six congressional Democrats who say they are pro-life but voted for a bill that virtually every pro-life group agrees will ultimately result in abortion funding.

Former Colorado Rep. Marilyn Musgrave is leading the tour because she says voters in the districts, some of whom will be casting ballots in key toss-up elections that could decide who controls Congress, need to know the new law represents the “largest expansion of abortion funded by our tax dollars since Roe v. Wade.”

“Perhaps they thought that the executive order would give them some cover,” Musgrave said, referring to the disputed executive order President Barack Obama signed that merely restates the unworkable and ineffective limits on abortion funding in the bill. “Not working.”

Some of the members of Congress targeted in the bus tour have responded to it but Steve Fought, a spokesperson for Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, went further than others by accusing the SBA List and pro-life groups of not being pro-life and opposing the bill merely because Obama signed it than because it funds abortions.

Here is the bus tour schedule.

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