Best Ad of the Year… Ben Quayle on O'Reilly Factor Calls Barack Obama "Worst President Ever" (Video)

Worst. President. Ever.
Republican Candidate Ben Quayle, who is running for a Congressional seat in Arizona, released the most honest ad of the political season. In the ad Quayle accuses Obama of being the worst president in US history. Certainly if you look at the fact that Obama tripled the US deficit and nearly doubled unemployment along with ramming through his toxic socialist agenda, it’s hard to argue with Quayle. Obama is destroying this country.

Good for Ben Quayle for having the guts to run this ad… and for standing up to Juan Williams on The O’Reilly Factor.

For running this honest ad…
Gateway Pundit Blog supports Ben Quayle for Congress.


Ben Quayle has guts.

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