Another Low For Harry Reid… Radical Dem Plays Race Card at Latest Campaign Stop …Update: Rubio Rips Reid

Slimy Dem Majority Leader Harry “This War Is Lost” Reid decided this week to play the race card to woo Hispanic voters.

Harry Reid switched tactics this week from smearing Sharron Angle to playing the race card.
What else does he have left? After all, the economy is in shambles thanks to his leadership and Americans can’t stand his radical policies.

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The economy may make or break Democrats this fall. However, immigration reform remains one of America’s hot button issues.

On Tuesday, Senator Harry Reid, fighting for reelection, reached out again to a voting block he’ll need in November.

The room at Hermandad Mexicana could not have been more crowded. Harry Reid’s message could not have been more direct.

“I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican,” said Reid. “Do I need to say more?”

He needn’t have said more to the crowd stuffed into the small conference room to learn about a new initiative that will help Latinos learn English.

Three times a week, radio station KRVL will become an English classroom, broadcasting English lessons to its Latino audience.

This rollout allowed Reid to talk about language.

“Learning English is an essential step to being fully integrated into American society.”

So the Senate Majority leader can’t understand why any Hispanic would want to follow the immigration law in America. Isn’t that racist?


You can help Sharron Angle defeat this far left thug by donating to her campaign here.

UPDATE: Marco Rubio ripped Harry Reid over his outrageous racist comments.

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