Bummer. Al Sharpton's Counter-Freedom Rally Attracts Only 3,000 Supporters

Bummer about that turnout, Al.
2,000 – 3,000 turned out at Al’s counter freedom rally.
From the The Washington Post.

“Let the line stretch. They already going to say there were only 2,000 or 3,000 of you here,” Sharpton said. “If people start heckling smile at them. This aint about you, it’s about Dr. King.”

The media is not airing any crowd shots at this time.

Jaime Contreras, local SEIU president added this:


“Shame on them. We still have a dream. We are here to let those folks on the Mall know that they don’t represent the dream. They sure as hell don’t represent me. They represent hate-mongering and angry white people. The happy white people are here today. We will not let them stand in the way of the change we voted for!

Over 500,000 patriots turned out across town at the Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

Let’s see… 3,000 versus 500,000. You do the math.

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