1 of 4 Americans Believe Obama Is Muslim; Less Than 50% Believe He Is Christian

Oh, come on people…
We’ve all seen sermons by his pastor-mentor:

How can you possibly believe that he is not Christian?

One in four Americans believe Barack Obama is Muslim. Less than half of Americans were persuaded that his attendance at a wack-a-doodle church for 20 years would qualify him as a Christian.
TIME reported:

Opponents of the planned Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan have public opinion firmly in their corner. According to a new TIME poll, 61% of respondents oppose the construction of the Park51/Cordoba House project, compared to 26% who support it. More than 70% concur with the premise that proceeding with the plan would be an insult to the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center…

…Twenty-eight percent of voters do not believe Muslims should be eligible to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. Nearly one third of the country thinks adherents of Islam should be barred from running for President — slightly higher than the 24% who mistakenly believe that the current occupant of the Oval Office is himself a Muslim. In all, just 47% of respondents believe Obama is a Christian; 24% declined to respond to the question or said they were unsure, and 5% believe he is neither Christian nor Muslim.

Of course, to be fair… Many Muslim leaders believe Obama is a Muslim, too.

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