WaPo Writer Milloy: It's Not Just Tea Partiers – White People Are Angry, Vindictive & Racists

Just in case you missed all of the leftist racist attacks on conservatives this week.
Courtland Milloy at The Washington Post explained today that white people are angry, vindictive and essentially racist.

White: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa.

— Racial definition from the U.S. Census Bureau

With all the talk lately about “white vote,” I thought it would be helpful to know what a white person is. As the census definition makes clear, who knows? It’s a biological fiction, a figment of the pigment beneath which all human beings are the same.

And yet, with midterm elections just a few months away, the so-called white vote looms large, an angry and vindictive political force. A Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday showed that President Obama’s approval ratings have reached “a new low among whites, at 40 percent, with his positive marks dipping under 50 percent for the first time among white college-educated women.”

Does race have anything to do with it? You betcha.

…To hear whites tell it, what really bothers them is a growing federal government that they fear will intervene in their lives — unless there’s an oil spill along the Gulf Coast, of course, in which case their complaint is too little intervention. Budget deficits are a worry, too, unless it’s George Bush running up the red ink.

…Whites, for instance, are overwhelmingly in favor of Arizona’s immigration law, according to most polls. And virtually none of the surveys has shown any concern for the rights of nonwhite Hispanics who would be subject to racial profiling and illegal search and seizures. These are the same people who like to wave copies of the U.S. Constitution and claim Obama is curtailing their freedoms.

“The differences between whites and nonwhites on [the Arizona immigration law] are very stark,” Matthew Kerbel, a political scientist at Villanova University, told the Christian Science Monitor. “The numbers seem to reflect that among white American voters, there is something that needs to be done about illegal immigration and that the Arizona law addresses that. But among blacks and Hispanics, the law is viewed as a strong form of racial profiling, and so there is strong sentiment against it.”

Amazing, really, how people from German, Irish, English, Italian, Polish, French, Welsh, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian backgrounds can land on American shores and coalesce around a racial category concocted solely to exploit others.

What a racist.
Hat Tip John S.

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