Violent Leftist Goon Identified – Union Leader Mike Griffing Caught on Tape Repeatedly Smashing Videographer in the Face

Moe Lane identified the leftist union thug caught on tape smashing videographers in the face at a nurse’s union rally last week.
Here again is the video of the assault.
Via BreitbartTV:

Moe Lane identified the goon:

As you recall, this guy was slapping at cameramen at a California Nurses Association (CNA) anti-Meg Whitman rally the other day. At least, this guy was until he came to the belated realization that he was getting filmed by two different people. Well, it turns out that he’s not a nurse. Or, at least, not just a nurse. Say hi to Mike Griffing.

We start here at No Governor Moonbeam, who has pictures of both what looks to be the same guy

…and a blowup of his nametag. If you can’t read it, try this:

And who is this Mike Griffing, do you ask? A drifter? A day laborer? A non-union worker hired to bulk up a protest?

Griffing was CNA’s 2009 Director of Collective Bargaining, with a salary of just under $164K.

What a shock.
When he’s not negotiating contracts he’s bashing opponents in the face.
…And, they wonder why unions have a bad name?


UPDATE: There is no evidence that he was on the clock during the beatdown.

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