True Democrat Alvin Greene Gives First Speech at NAACP Rally; Wants to Expand Sewer Systems

Greene – Jackson-Lee 2012!

True Democrat Alvin Greene gave his first campaign speech tonight at an NAACP sponsored rally in Manning, South Carolina. Alvin told the audience:

“I am also the best choice for the Image Award next year… South Carolina and America cannot afford 6 more years of my opponent. We cannot let my opponent keep this country hostage for 6 more years. Just last month we lost 125,000 jobs across the country. Just last month we lost 125,000 jobs across the country. Just last month we lost 125,000 jobs across the country… Lets reclaim our country from communists and terrorists.”

The NAACP audience loved him and applauded several times.
WLTX has video:

WTLX had more on his speech:

Although he’s been one of the most talked about candidates not just in South Carolina, but also in the country, this was his first public speaking engagement. The candidate who stunned political experts with his win in June’s Democratic primary had, up to this point, only made a series of one-on-one t.v. interviews with local and national reporters.

Wearing a suit complete with a green tie, the event gave Greene his first opportunity to appear in a setting usually given to candidates running for high office.

In his speech, Greene said he wants to expand water and sewer systems in rural communities, concentrate on alternative forms of energy, as well as, improve education programs. Greene, received applause with his exhortations to improve education and fight unemployment.

He suggested infrastructure projects put on hold after 9/11 could be restarted, such as an interstate from Michigan to the South Carolina coast.

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