Rory Reid: I'm Not My Dad

See Rory Run…
The Republican Governor’s Association released this with the actual voice of Rory Reid from the many times he’s distanced himself from his own father Senate Majority Leader Harry “This War Is Lost” Reid.
This is a GREAT ad:

In this exclusive video obtained by the RGA, it is clear that Rory Reid apparently does not react well to learning that his last name actually appears in his latest TV ad.

Rory Reid continues to distance himself from dad.
The LA Times reported, via HotAir:

Rory Reid would like to be Nevada’s next governor, but there’s a problem. Not a lack of money: He’s got plenty of that. Not a shortage of ideas: He’s got plenty of those.

It’s that last name, Reid.

As in Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic leader, Rory’s dad and one of the most unpopular politicians in America, not to mention his home state of Nevada. Both are on the ballot in November: Harry, 70, battling for a fifth term, Rory, 47, making his first try for state office.

Good luck finding them in the same room.

They showed up hours apart at last month’s state Democratic convention, speaking at opposite ends of the program. When President Obama visited Las Vegas two weeks later for a Harry Reid fundraiser, the son was hundreds of miles away, seeking volunteers and courting donors in northern Nevada.

“He’s my father,” Rory said of Harry. “Not my political mentor.”

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