Planned Parenthood Celebrates Independence Day By Pushing For Military Base Abortions

How Very Patriotic…

Planned Parenthood celebrated the 4th of July by pushing for taxpayer-funded military base abortions.
Life News reported:

Planned Parenthood used Independence Day as an occasion to press its agenda for the military: abortions at taxpayer-funded military base hospitals. In an action alert the abortion giant sent its members Planned Parenthood belittled the July 4th traditions to say they’re not as important as abortions.

“This 4th of July, among the outdoor cookouts and fireworks displays, countless politicians and members of Congress will give speeches to honor the women and men serving in our nation’s military. But speeches are one thing, and action is another,” Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards wrote.

Richards complained that, “Right now, women serving abroad in the U.S. military are denied the basic freedom to make their own medical decisions, because abortion is banned at military hospitals and bases.”

She said more than 100,000 women who are active service members and spouses and dependents of military personnel and reside on military bases don’t have access to abortion — even though most live near big cities that have abortion centers.

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