OBAMA APPROVAL DROPS TO 43%… Most Americans Say Trillion Dollar Stimulus Was a Bust

President Barack Obama’s approval rating is now down to 43% – down nearly 20 points from 18 months ago.

Most Americans also believe the Trillion dollar Obama-Pelosi Stimulus Bill did not help the economy.
FOX News reported:

Most Americans see little benefit from the federal government’s economic stimulus plan, as President Obama ‘s job performance rating drops overall, and hits a new low among Democrats.

A Fox News poll released Thursday finds that 43 percent of voters approve of the job Obama’s doing, matching a previous low in early April. Two weeks ago 47 percent approved, and a year ago 54 percent of voters approved. His highest approval thus far was 65 percent in January 2009.

Some 48 percent of voters disapprove today, which also matches a previous high negative rating…

More than 6 in 10 American voters think the economy would be in the same or better shape if Congress hadn’t passed the economic stimulus bill, while a small minority thinks things would be worse without it.

If Congress had done nothing, the largest number of voters — 43 percent — say the economy would be in about the same shape as it is today. Another 22 percent think the economy would be in better shape without the stimulus plan. About a third — 31 percent — thinks the stimulus bill helped and the nation’s economy would be in worse shape without it.

64% of Americans also believe the democrats should keep the Bush tax cuts that are set to expire.
Not Obama.

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