Not Again… MSNBC Host Says He Got Chills Listening to Obama Immigration Speech

Will these people ever stop?
Chris Matthews is not the only far left MSNBC host to get the chills when Barack Obama speaks. Add
NewsBusters reported:

When it comes to Barack Obama, MSNBC is the network of thrills and chills . . .

Chris Matthews famously said he felt a thrill going up his leg listening to an Obama speech. Now, MSNBC anchor Alex Witt has been similarly moved by Obamian oratory, declaring this morning “I got a few chills” listening to PBO’s “very powerful” speech on immigration.

Witt described her sensations to MSNBC DC bureau chief Mark Whitaker.

ALEX WITT: You know, Mark, I gotta say I got a few chills listening to him there. It was very powerful. But it was also pretty heavy on detail and direction.

Have you ever seen a group of loons get so excited watching a man read from a TelePrompter?

UPDATE: Maybe it was Obama’s blown line.

More… Andrew Marcus knows the root cause of the MSNBC chills.

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