Netroots Nation 2010: Pushing Communism & Praising Some Antichrist Crackpot

Netroots Nation is holding its fifth annual national convention this weekend in Las Vegas across town for Right Online Convention sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

We have an attendee who was able to infiltrate the Netroots conference.
Yesterday she/he picked up a bag full of leftist goodies from buttons, to stickers, to flyers, to bumper stickers and propaganda magazines and literature. “Progressive” organizations such as the SEIU, Free Press, AFSCME, MoveON.Org, etc handed out the goodies at their tables and booths.

Here are a few photos from this year’s tinfoil hat coalition.

Say no to BS.

Share the wealth – Communism Will End terrorism.


Free Press is pushing net neutrality to control speech.

This was weird. They’re pushing some crackpot Antichrist.

Maitreya the prophet appeared out of the blue to thousands near Nairobi, Kenya recently.
The event was reported by CNN and the BBC.
…Umm. No, it wasn’t.

The sky is falling. The sky is falling.


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