NAACP Leftists Claim "Hardcore White Supremists" Are Behind Tea Party Movement

The horrible leftist hacks at the NAACP claim in their anti-tea party resolution that “hardcore white supremist” are behind the tea party movement.
The LA Times reported, via Kristinn:

Publicizing what it sees as racist and extreme behavior within the tea party is part of that effort.

The proposed resolution asserts that “hardcore white supremacist organizations have participated in and occasionally lead tea party rallies.” McDowell said the statement was based on academic research on the tea party movement and referred to a faction within the larger movement.

Meckler said the accusation was untrue and unfounded. “I’ve never, ever heard of such a thing,” he said. “Never had that complaint. Never seen it personally.”

This once respected organization is now openly promoting lies to further the radical leftist agenda.

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