Muslims Make Plans to Disrupt Papal Mass in Birmingham

They’ve made similar threats before…

British Muslims threaten the Pope, British blogger Joee Blogs captured the images after mass in 2006 at Westminster Cathederal.

British Muslims plan on disrupting the Papal Mass in Birmingham, England in September and proselytizing (give Da’wah) to the 80,000 Catholics who are planning on attending the open air event.
The National Catholic Register reported on this recent blog post at The Islamic Standard.

The Birmingham site has been selected over Coventry due to its connection to a dead Catholic priest, Cardinal John Henry Newman who is being made into a Catholic ‘saint’ for his supposed miracles witnessed by delusional and misguided catholics after his death.

Alexander des Forges, spokesman for the Catholic Church, said: “As a Church we have asked Birmingham City Council for Cofton Park to be the venue for the beatification of Cardinal Newman on September 19, the last day of the Pope’s visit…

We hope Muslims can be there to meet him as well and to also call people away from the shirk of worshipping the dead like the Catholics do, calling out to them for help and intercession when Allah says in the Quran,

Nor call on any besides Allah, such can neither profit you, nor hurt you. If you do, then you will surely be one of the zalimun
Quran translation, 10:106

The Birmingham event however brings the pope and who worship him into direct contact with the the large Muslim population of Birmingham and offers them the perfect chance to learn about Islam and for the Muslims to forbid the Munkar of worshipping dead men and following the dictates of the sodomite child molesting Church of Rome.

We at the Islamic Standard hope the Muslims of Birmingham take this duel opportunity to give Da’wah to these 80,000 travelling disbelievers, whilst at the same time telling the Pope in no uncertain terms what Muslims think of his evil slanders against the last Prophet of God and his message.

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