Milwaukee Candidate Wants People to Know She's… "NOT the Whiteman's B*tch"

Racism?… What racism?

Ieshuh Griffin, an independent candidate for the Wisconsin state Assembly, holds up her nomination papers Wednesday, July 21, 2010, at the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., after an election oversight board said the Milwaukee woman can not describe herself on the ballot as “NOT the ‘whiteman’s b—-.'” State law allows independent candidates to have five words describing them placed after their name on the ballot. Griffin argued that the phrase was protected free speech but the state Government Accountability Board said that the statement was pejorative and not allowed. (AP/Todd Richmond)

State officials narrowly rejected a Milwaukee woman from running “NOT the whiteman’s b*tch” under her name on the ballot.
JS Online reported:

State elections officials Wednesday narrowly rejected a Milwaukee Assembly candidate’s attempt to run with the slogan “NOT the ‘whiteman’s bitch’ “ under her name on the ballot.

Ieshuh Griffin, an independent candidate with a history of feuds with local officials, said in response she would sue the state Government Accountability Board for infringing on her freedom of speech.

She is running to replace retiring Rep. Annette “Polly” Williams (D-Milwaukee).

“I’m not making a derogatory statement toward an ethnic group. I’m stating what I’m not,” Griffin told board members. “It’s my constitutional right to freedom of speech.”

Unlike candidates from the established Democratic and Republican parties, independents are allowed a five-word statement of purpose on the ballot to explain to voters what their candidacy is about.

It’s a good thing she’s not white and a tea partier.
The media would be all over this.

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