Glenn Beck Discusses Blatant Dishonesty at Far Left Website Think Progress

Glenn Beck exposed the blatant dishonesty at the Soros-funded website Think Progress yesterday on his show. He included footage taken by Adam Sharp at the April Tea Party in Clayton, Missouri where a “racist” was driven away by the tea partiers. Think Progress showed the racist in their fraudulent propaganda film but did not show the man asked to leave by the patriots in attendance.

Via Breitbart TV:

From the video:
Do you know this man? The liberal think tank Center for American Progress created a video holding this man up as proof that Tea Parties accept racists in their ranks. In this video, Glenn Beck exposes how the Center for American Progress edited out the fact that the Tea Party members ridiculed, harassed and berated this guy and did not accept him at all.

Does anyone recognize him? Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn that he is not a racist Klansman after all?


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More- It would be great if Glenn Beck started giving more credit to the conservative websites where he gathers much of his information from for his shows.

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