George Will: NAACP Tea Party Resolution is "Left-Wing McCarthyism" (Video)

Wow! George Will nailed it on This Week this week.
He argued that the racist NAACP tea party resolution was “Left-wing McCarthyism.”
The Hope For America reported, via Free Republic:

George Will on This Week:

“Precisely. There’s nothing like name-calling and a kind of left-wing McCarthyism to enable the NAACP to make a desperate lunge for its vanished relevance. You say that this episode that he’s talking about and the Vice President made a brief reference to it, is a “he said-he said” whether or not the n-word was used. It’s a he said if four television cameras monitoring that event said it didn’t happen. A talk radio host if offering up $100,000 to anyone who can produce a shred of evidence that it happened. And, $100,000 is still on the table.”

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