George Bush Flips GOP the Bird – Will Release Book For Election

Drudge says it best…

Gift is right… And, right in time for the November election.
Just when the nation needs to be focusing on the disastrous economy, war, and radical policies of the Obama Administration, all of the state-run media attention will be on George W. Bush.

I am a huge fan of W’s. but he never quite learned how to work around the democratic-media complex, did he?

More… JW added:


When I heard he was releasing in November, alarms went off in my head. We all know the democrat media complex will do everything they can to derail the Republicans this November 2, and this book from W – which will likely have some of the most controversial passages leaked to the press just weeks before the election – is very likely to give them hours and hours worth of talking points to try to damage Conservative’s chances to take back control of Congress, and stop the oba mao trainwreck. W – Please play the part of a good Republican (a good American) at this point in your life – delay this book until December – or at least Thanksgiving.


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