Disgruntled Muslim Youths Now Using Automatic Weapons on Police in France (Video)

Muslim youths torched 50-60 cars, attacked a train and fired on police with automatic weapons following the death of a young Muslim man who robbed a casino.

What appears to be Muslims, attacking police with automatic weapons for killing an armed robber. France is getting out of control faster than England.

Bloomberg reported:

Rioters in Grenoble fired at police, torched cars, and wielded stones and baseball bats, according to public officials in the city in southeast France.

“A group of people was waiting for us with stones and baseball bats in their hands,” Brigitte Jullien, head of public security, told France’s BFM TV today. “Shots were fired against us.” Jerome Safar, a deputy mayor in the city, told the television channel that rioters also set fire to cars.

Clashes started following a memorial service for 27-year- old Karim Boudouda, killed the day before in a shootout with police after allegedly robbing a casino near Grenoble, Le Figaro reported, citing unidentified police officials. As many as 60 cars were torched and two youths arrested, the daily said.

A group of rioters taunt police in the Villeneuve neighborhood of Grenoble, southeastern France. Rioters exchanged gunfire with police in the French Alpine city of Grenoble Saturday, setting fire to shops and cars after police shot dead a man accused of robbing a casino.… Read more »
(AFP/Philippe Merle)


Atlas has more on the rioting.

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