CBS Shock Poll: Excluding Obama & Media – 74% of Americans Either Support Arizona Immigration Law or Say It Doesn't Go Far Enough

Once again, Barack Obama sides with the far left radical fringe and against the wishes of mainstream America.

With the exception of Barack Obama, radical democrats, communists and the media, 74% of Americans either support the Arizona immigration law or say it doesn’t go far enough.
CBS reported:

Public support for Arizona’s controversial new immigration law has increased slightly, a new CBS News poll shows, with 57 percent of Americans characterizing the law as “about right” in the way it addresses the issue of illegal immigration.

Support for the measure increased five points since May. Since then, the Justice Department has filed suit against the law, claiming that it usurps federal authority to enforce immigration laws…

Twenty-three percent of Americans think the law goes too far, according to the poll, conducted July 9 – 12. That’s down five points from the 28 percent who said in May that the measure goes too far. Another 17 percent said it doesn’t go far enough.

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