Breitbart to Hannity: "NAACP Tarred Tea Party Movement" (Video)

Andrew Breitbart was on with Sean Hannity last night to discuss the Shirley Sherrod video and the NAACP’s attack on the tea party movement.
Via Breitbart TV:

From the video:
Breitbart reiterates the first video released on features Sherrod telling a racist tale that is received by the NAACP audience with laughter and cheers. The audience wasn’t cheering redemption; they were cheering discrimination.

Breitbart clarifies he released the video to target not Sherrod, but the NAACP who had condemned the Tea Party’s alleged racism. Though Sherrod became the scapegoat, it was the delight the NAACP audience took in the racist part of Sherrod’s speech that was truly damning. Breitbart noted he’s agnostic to her firing.

Andrew also mentioned that Mary Frances Berry argued that bogus racism charges flung at the Tea Party are meant to distract the public from staggering unemployment figures and other hot-button political topics unfavorable to the Democrats and the left.

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