Breaking: Leftist Hero Hugo Chavez Jails Opposition Leader On Bogus Explosives Charges

Leftist hero Marxist Hugo Chavez jailed top Venezuelan Opposition Leader this week in Venezuela.

Freedom advocate and former Venezuelan presidential candidate Alejandro Pena Esclusa was arrested on trumped up explosives charges by the Marxist Chavez regime on Monday. Esclusa was detained at his apartment by Chavez agents acting on a court order. The regime reported that they found explosives and more than 100 detonators. Unoamerica, a group headed by Pena, said Tuesday his arrest “is part of a Cuban operation that looks to link opposition leaders with terrorist acts.”

The New American reported:

Long-time freedom advocate and former Venezuelan presidential candidate Alejandro Pena Esclusa was arrested on July 12 by the Chavez regime on trumped-up explosives charges, according to various Latin American sources. His arrest adds to the growing list of political prisoners being held in Venezuela including journalists, opposition politicians, and judges who don’t bow down to the regime.

Minions of socialist “President” Hugo Chavez claim a recently arrested Salvadorian man, wanted for alleged connections to bombings in Cuba, informed Venezuelan authorities that he was working with Esclusa. The alleged “terrorist,” Francisco Abarca, was arrested in Venezuela last week for supposedly plotting to destabilize the government. He is now in Cuba facing charges, ensuring that no independent confirmation of Abarca’s alleged testimony against Esclusa will be allowed. Experts also question Abarca’s involvement in the 1997 Cuban bombings.

The day of his own arrest, Esclusa posted a video online explaining that he feared being jailed on fake charges because the government was trying to link him to Abarca. But, he noted, “I don’t believe in violence. I believe in opinion.” That is the same message he shared with The New American in an interview earlier this year.

The controlled Venezuelan media, however, has been quick to condemn him. “Alejandro Pena Esclusa is a dark character of the Venezuelan opposition linked to fascist sectors and with a thick file of conspiratorial activities against the government of President Hugo Chavez,” reported the Chavez regime’s official propaganda organ, ABN. “Fascist” in Chavez-speak means anyone opposed to the utter destruction being wrought on Venezuela’s economy through the regime’s “revolution.”

But those who know Esclusa, as well as opponents of the socialist revolution and even unbiased observers, are certain that the charges were politically motivated. His wife, for example, denounced the arrest and said authorities had framed her husband.

…Chavez has shut down dozens of media outlets in radio, television, and newspaper. He regularly arrests critics, including the head of the last remaining balanced television station (on charges of “insulting the chief executive”), politicians who disagree with his power grabs, and even judges who don’t unhesitatingly do his bidding. He also frequently steals private property in the name of his “revolution,” driving the economy into the ground.

No wonder Hollywood and the far left love Chavez.

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