Black Journalists Prove to Be As Biased and Inept as State-Run Media

The National Association of Black Journalists released a statement today on the Sherrod controversy. They prove to be as biased and inept in their conclusion as their cohorts in the democratic-media complex.
PR Newswire reported, via Free Republic:

Today, the National Association of Black Journalists issued the following statement in response to the reaction of media organizations covering former U.S. Department of Agriculture staffer Shirley Sherrod:

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is dismayed by the profound failure of media organizations in their rush to report on the allegedly racist remarks of former U.S. Department of Agriculture staffer Shirley Sherrod.

Because of the activist propaganda of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart and the subsequent lack of due diligence on the part of pundits on the FOX News Channel and others to verify the authenticity of a tape with Sherrod’s remarks on race, this veteran public servant was unjustly castigated and convicted as an unrepentant racist in the court of public opinion.

We expect better, and so do the millions of readers and viewers who rely on news organizations for accuracy before airing or publishing any material, especially those with potential negative consequences. This didn’t happen and, as a result, Sherrod’s decades-long reputation as a champion of equity and justice was tarnished in mere hours. The swift, decisive echo chamber of bad judgment from all involved, from cable networks to the White House, should be a lesson learned for us all.

Just to clarify:
– Shirley Sherrod’s March speech was filled with racist remarks
– FOX News did not lead the charge against Sherrod
– Sherrod’s recent comments make clear she has not worked through her race issues
– Sherrod’s attacks on conservatives and tea partiers are disgusting
– Sherrod’s accusations against Breitbart are shameful and inaccurate
– Sherrod and the NAACP should be the ones to apologize for their offensive remarks

The White Journalist Association has not yet released a statement on the controversy.

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