Barack Obama Attacks Sharron Angle in Vegas… Says She's "Too Extreme"

Kook Calls the Kettle Black–

You’ve got to be kidding…
The most radical far left president in American history, who just welcomed another communist into his administration this week, was out campaigning with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Las Vegas today.

He told his audience that Republican candidate Sharron Angle was just “too extreme.”

It’s called projection. (Reuters)


Does he realize that most Americans believe he’s a socialist?

My News 4 reported:

President Barack Obama is going on the attack against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Republican opponent, saying her views are too extreme and ridiculing her comments on the BP oil spill.

Obama never mentioned tea party-backed Sharron Angle by name at a campaign rally Thursday night at a Las Vegas casino. Calling her “Harry’s opponent,” Obama castigated Angle for referring to a $20 billion victims’ compensation fund for the Gulf oil spill as a “slush fund.”

After coming under attack for the remark Thursday Angle took it back. Obama ridiculed that, too: “I’m sure she meant slush fund in the nicest possible way,” he said.

Said Obama: “She favors an approach that’s even more extreme than the Republicans we’ve got in Washington. That’s saying something.”

It will be interesting to see if anyone spit out their water after that remark.

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