ACLU Condemns Jail Practice of Forcing Prisoners to Wear Daisy Dukes With "Hot Stuff" Printed on the Rear

The ACLU has their panties in a bunch after they discovered that a Louisiana jail is forcing prisoners to wear daisy dukes with “hot stuff” printed on the rear.
The New York Daily News reported:

The ACLU is demanding a Louisiana jail end the mistreatment of suicidal prisoners, saying the prison has been caging them in tiny “squirrel cages” and treating them like animals.

The civil rights organization’s Lousiana chapter issued a harshly worded open letter Thursday, condeming the St. Tammany Parish jail’s practice of locking suicidal prisoners in cages too small for them to lie down in and forcing them to strip down…

The prison’s chief Sheriff, Jack Strain, has said in the past that prisoners “need to be caged like animals,” says the ACLU’s complaint.


Marjorie Esman, the Executive Director of the Louisiana ACLU, said “This is what can happen when you have law enforcement treating the mentally ill. If the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment means anything, it means that people shouldn’t be treated like this. Jails across this country typically have housing for suicidal prisoners and don’t resort to such barbarity. The squirrel cages belong in the history books.”

The letter also cites multiple reports that suicidal prisoners have been forced to wear orange “Daisy Duke style” short shorts with the words “Hot Stuff” stamped on the rear.

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