2008's "Death to All Juice" Protester Turns Out to Be Islamic Terrorist

Well, what do you know?
The guy who called for killing all “Juice” at a protest turns out to be an Islamic terrorist.

On Sunday December 28, 2008 Carlos Almonte of Bergen, New Jersey attended a Jew-hating pro-Gaza leftist-Islamist protest in New York City.
Vigilant Squirrel Brigade took this photo of Carlos:

Carlos was apparently so pleased with his misspelled hate message that he posted the picture on his Facebook page.

The New York Daily News> reported:

The 24-year-old terror suspect’s bombast was nowhere to be found in a New Jersey courtroom yesterday when he and buddy Mohamed Alessa were denied bail for being flight risks.

…Almonte and Alessa, 20, were collared Saturday at Kennedy Airport. Prosecutors say they were planning to catch a flight to Africa to wage jihad alongside Al Qaeda-linked militants.

For the record… Carlos was joined by rabid Leftists (International Action Center, Code Pinkos, Al-Adwa, Adalahs and Answer) at the protest back in 2008.

He hasn’t changed much…

Here’s Carlos Almonte’s mug shot after his arrest at Kennedy Airport this month. (AP)

Oh, by the way, that wasn’t a tea party protest he was attending.

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