Today's Obama Lie Exposed: Majority of Americans Will Lose Employer Health Plans in 3 Years

Do you remember when Barack Obama promised Americans that they would not lose their health insurance under Obamacare?

He lied.

A majority of Americans will lose their company sponsored health plans within 3 years.


Investors reported, via Doug Ross:


Internal administration documents reveal that up to 51% of employers may have to relinquish their current health care coverage because of ObamaCare.

Small firms will be even likelier to lose existing plans.

The “midrange estimate is that 66% of small employer plans and 45% of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfathered status by the end of 2013,” according to the document.

In the worst-case scenario, 69% of employers — 80% of smaller firms — would lose that status, exposing them to far more provisions under the new health law.

The 83-page document, a joint project of the departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and the IRS, examines the effects that ObamaCare’s regulations would have on existing, or “grandfathered,” employer-based health care plans.

Of course, the fact that Obama would mislead the American people to ram through his radical agenda should surprise no one.

UPDATE: Left Coast Rebal has a list of more broken promises on Obamacare.

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