Students Turn On Narcissistic Anti-War Teachers – Want Them Fired

The ugly side of liberalism…
Two crazed anti-American teachers held up anti-war signs during a high school assembly honoring 6 graduating students who signed up to join the military.

Teacher Marybeth Verani said, “I’m showing students in a democracy how to exercise dissent.”

The two far left teachers ruined the moment for the graduating seniors. What a disgusting and completely selfish act.

But, the two far left teachers probably didn’t expect this…
Yesterday, a group of students held a rally outside the school demanding that the teachers be fired.
The Boston Herald reported, via Free Republic:


Some students are calling for the firing of two Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School teachers who held an anti-war sign during a school assembly Friday, reports the Cape Cod Times.

History teacher Marybeth Verani and English teacher Adeline Koscher made their silent protest during the part of the assembly in which school officials recognized graduating seniors who are entering the military.

“They not only imposed their political will, they imposed it at the wrong time,” said D-Y junior Andrew Bowles Jr., who organized an after-school protest yesterday that drew about 30 students.

Verani is a history teacher? …Can you imagine the anti-American filth she must be flinging at the children in her classroom?

Here’s more from the Cape Cod Times:

Verani and Koscher tucked their sign away and sat while the names of the six students entering the U.S. Marine Corps, Army and National Guard were announced.

They remained seated while the rest of those at the assembly gave the students a standing ovation.

“Standing and applauding is a sign of support for the decision these people have made,” Verani said. “I want them to be home and alive and well and going to college and dating and having kids and coaching Little League.”

The protest struck the wrong note with many attendees, Jenks said.

“Large numbers of students and faculty were upset,” he said. “This is a recognition ceremony, not a classroom debate.”

Fire these dangerous loons.

Even the students knew when and where to hold their protest… Something their slfish leftist teachers were unwilling to understand.

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