Socialist Obama Insists "Global Recovery Requires Level Playing Field"

Our radical president told reporters at the G20 meetings in Canada yesterday that,
“Global recovery requires a level playing field.”

The leftists probably thought this was brilliant. The rest of us understand that it is a meaningless statement except for the fact that it confirms his socialist bent.

Obama believes an equal playing field will lift the world from the global recession.
Reuters reported:

President Barack Obama said on Sunday it was important for global growth that there be a level playing field, and that involves market-driven currency policies.

Obama also mentioned China’s move toward more currency flexibility at a news conference at the close of the Group of 20 summit in Canada.

“A strong and durable recovery also requires countries not having an undue advantage. So we also discussed the need for currencies that are market-driven,” Obama said. “As I told President Hu yesterday, the United States welcomes China’s decision to allow its currency to appreciate in response to market forces.”

Real Clear Politics has the video.

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