Shocker. Newsweek Compares Alvin Greene to Sarah Palin

That didn’t take long. They sure must hate Alvin Greene…
Newsweek compared popular democrat Alvin Greene to Governor Sarah Palin:

Greene Threatens Sarah Palin as Worst Speaker in Politics

He’s just trying to talk about something, frankly.

Alvin Greene, the surprise Democratic nominee for Senate in South Carolina, has a way with words. It’s the way, though, of Sarah Palin and George W. Bush—a tortured relationship with the English language that prevents him from making his points, and that says to voters he may not be up to the job.

Facing calls from fellow Democrats to drop out of the race—and even charges that he is a Republican patsy—Greene doesn’t help his cause with a front-page story in today’s Washington Post, where his verbal difficulties are on abundant display. From the candidate’s home in Manning, S.C., reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia lets Greene’s style speak for itself…

Maybe Greene will ignite the liberal base like Sarah Palin did in ’08?
If Alvin really is like Sarah Palin.

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