Rudy Giuliani on Obama's Response to BP Oil Spill: "If You Taught Leadership 101 This Would Be an Example of Exactly NOT What to Do" (Video)

“If you taught Leadership 101 this would be an example of Exactly NOT what to do.”

Rudy Giuliani slammed Barack Obama’s disgraceful handling of the BP oil spill crisis.
Rudy was on with Hannity tonight:

Rudy on Obama’s lack of leadership:

Sean Hannity: How would you rate the president’s handling of the Gulf oil spill crisis?


Rudy Giuliani: It couldn’t be worse. This would be an example if you taught Leadership 101 of Exactly NOT what to do. Minimize it at first. Two days after or three days after it happened, go on vacation. He’s been on vacation more often than by far he’s been to LouisianaThe reality is the Administration has made every mistake it could possibly make right down to the criminal investigation of BP… And, if they’re being criminally investigated then why are we allowing them to do it? If we got a bunch of criminals doing it then why are we allowing them to do it?

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