Rudy Giuliani Slams Obama: "I Would Use This As an Example of the Opposite of Leadership" (Video)

“Where has the President been for 54, 55 days?… I know he made 3 visits there but he has spent more time on vacation than he has in New Orleans and Louisiana… I wrote a book on leadership, and I would say that if I wrote another one I would use this as an illustration of the opposite of leadership. This thing happened over 50 days ago. The President goes on vacation twice. “

Rudy Giuliani
Former Mayor of New York
On President Obama’s Handling of Gulf Oil Spill Crisis

Leadership vs. Pointing Fingers
Rudy Giuliani slammed Barack Obama for failing in his duties as president.
NECN reported, via Free Republic:

NECN reported:

Rudy Giuliani is blasting President Barack Obama for his response to the Gulf oil crisis.

The former New York City mayor was in Massachusetts this morning, campaigning for Republican Congressional candidate Joe Malone.

Giuliani says the federal government has failed the American people in its handling of the crisis, and that’s mainly because of the President.

“The Obama administration has gone from putting BP in charge to condemning BP to prosecuting them for crimes or investigating them for crimes,” said Giuliani.

“I wrote a book on leadership and I would say if I wrote another one, I would use this as an illustration of the exact opposite of leadership,” said Giuliani.

“The American people are entitled to better than this,” said Giuliani.

Giuliani also claims this is just the latest instance where President Obama has failed to lead, also citing the failed Christmas Day attack in December.

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