"Rogues of K Street" – GP Makes Playboy Mag's Tea Party Spread

Playboy magazine features an excellent piece on the tea party movement this month written by an TP insider:
The Rogues of K-Street: Confessions of a Tea Party Consultant

This is actually a fair piece on the tea party movement and on the many movers and shakers in the national tea party scene. There’s quite a bit of focus on Team Tea in St. Louis led by Hennessy, Loudon, Loesch, Hoft, Moore, (Sharp, Darin, Jim, Jon, John, Stephanie, Fred, etc.).

OK, let me be honest, I was a pumped to read this (in Playboy) about Gateway Pundit:


Tea Party members are into less sexy things than a missing birth certificate, such as the national debt and privacy. They watch Fox News and read blogs. They’re conservatives, but don’t call them Republicans. They are intense followers of bloggers such as Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit), Andrew Marcus (Founding Bloggers), Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) and Mike Flynn (Big Government.com). BigGovernment.com was created last fall as part of Andrew Breitbart’s growing media empire.

Dana Loesch added:

There is nothing more intoxicating and attractive than a group of guerilla activists who can outwit the long-established beltway game of politics – and they’re conservative, not liberal.

“Rogues of K-Street” is a great behind the scenes look at the tea party radicals.
It’s a great read.

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