Radical Muslims Hurl Insults at Returning British Troops – Brits Hurl Frozen Pork Sausages at Radical Muslims

A radical group calling themselves “Muslims Against Crusades” turned out to hurl insults at British troops returning from Afghanistan yesterday in Barking.

The Mail Online reported on the disgusting display:

Screaming hate and brandishing vile placards, Muslim extremists and far-Right groups clashed yesterday in ugly scenes that marred a parade by soldiers.

Around 40 members of a group called Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) arrived with inflammatory banners featuring slogans such as ‘Butchers return’ and ‘What are you dying for? £18k’.

They were soon confronted by 100 people, some wearing English Defence League T-shirts, who shouted ‘scum’ and ‘Muslim bombers off our streets’.

Police, who had received intelligence warning of trouble at the march in Barking, Essex, separated the groups behind barriers on opposite sides of the road.

But violence flared after 200 soldiers from 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment – who lost five men in a recent tour of Afghanistan and had been granted freedom of the borough – marched past thousands of well-wishers.

MAC supporters shouted slogans such as ‘murderers, murderers’ and ‘British troops go to hell’, while the mainly white crowd opposite, some of whom are believed to have been BNP supporters, threw frozen pork sausages and chanted ‘scum’ and ‘Allah, Allah, who the f*** is Allah?’

The Muslim protesters shouted ‘murderers’ as troops from the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded through Barking. (Daily Mail)

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