Figures. MSNBC Mockumentary Discusses Obama's Days as Brilliant Constitutional Law Professor But Actually Shows Him Teaching Alinsky Tactics (Video)

It figures.
The MSNBC mockumentary “Rise of the Right” discussed Obama’s days as a brilliant professor of Constitutional law but actually show Obama teaching Alinsky principles to college students.
P/Oed Patriot reported on this latest MSNBC scandal:

Actually the photo used by MSNBC shows Obama teaching Alinsky principles not the US Constitution. PrestoPundit discussed this photo of Barack Obama in Chicago teaching the principles of Saul Alinsky back in February 2008. Notice the flow chart indicating the flow of money and power out of productive businesses (“CORP”) and into the political class (“MAYOR”):

The heading at the top reads “POWER ANALYSIS”. The sub-heading reads “RELATIONSHIPS BUILD ON SELF INTEREST”. The symbol on the arrow between “CORP” and “MAYOR” is the “$” sign.

Saul Alinsky came up with the idea of power analysis, which looks at relationships built on self-interest between corporations, banks and utilities. Barack Obama was teaching students in Chicago the Alinsky Principles.


Then again, after watching the bribes, kickbacks, lies and threats this past year as Democrats fought to take over the health care industry, it’s obvious that the only Constitution Obama follows includes Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals… Not the Constitution of the United States.

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