Unreal. Obama: "Unemployment's at 9.6%… At Least It's Not at 12, 13 or 15%" (Video)

Uh-Oh… The president was off of his TelePrompter again today.
Barack Obama defended his record unemployment rate today telling an audience in Racine, Wisconsin:
“Unemployment is at 9.6%. At least it’s not at 12, 13 or 15 percent.”
Well, that’s comforting… Considering he promised it wouldn’t rise above 8%.

Via Real Clear Politics

Obama told the audience “unemployment’s at 9.6%.” That is above the 8% the administration predicted with the stimulus implemented. “Yes, but it’s not 12 or 13 or 15,” Obama said defending his policy.

Actually Barack, the unemployment rate is at 9.7%, but at least it’s not at 22%.

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