Obama Says He "Won't Rest Until Leak Is Stopped"… Then Attends Nationals Baseball Game (Video) -Updated

Barack Obama announced back on May 14, 2010 that,

I will not rest until the leak has stopped.

… Except, of course, for the ball games, golf, vacations, parties, etc.

He shares your anger, Louisiana. Remember that.

Barack Obama attended the National’s baseball game yesterday.
The media lapdogs at the The Washington Post, of course, covered for him:

After hunkering down for several weeks to deal with the oil spill, President Obama finally made it out of the house for some fun – and showed up at the Nationals game on Friday night.

With star pitcher Stephen Strasburg on the mound, Obama also got to see his old hometown team, the Chicago White Sox.

That was more than the president did in Chicago two weeks ago, when he stayed within a security perimeter around his house – avoiding the perception that he was out frolicking during the Gulf crisis. (He played golf recently, but out of view of the cameras).

UPDATE: This is rich: White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel says BP CEO Tony Hayward has made another gaffe by going to a yacht race in England while oil continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico.
Is he serious?

UPDATE: Obama went out golfing today again with Joe Biden.

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