Obama Administration Defends "Jihad" — "Mein Kampf" Means "My Jihad" in Arabic (Updated)

Last week Barack Obama’s top Counterterrorism adviser announced that the administration believed they “jihad was a legitimate tenet of Islam.”
FOX News reported:

The president’s top counterterrorism adviser on Wednesday called jihad a “legitimate tenet of Islam,” arguing that the term “jihadists” should not be used to describe America’s enemies.

During a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, John Brennan described violent extremists as victims of “political, economic and social forces,” but said that those plotting attacks on the United States should not be described in “religious terms.”

He repeated the administration argument that the enemy is not “terrorism,” because terrorism is a “tactic,” and not terror, because terror is a “state of mind” — though Brennan’s title, deputy national security adviser for counterterrorism and homeland security, includes the word “terrorism” in it. But then Brennan said that the word “jihad” should not be applied either.

“Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children,” Brennan said.

There’s something very dark and concerning about this.
The German words “Mein Kampf” translate to “jihad-i”—or, “my jihad”—in Arabic.
Would the Obama Administration defend Hitler, too?

More… Via Instapundit: IT’S THE THIRTIES ALL OVER AGAIN — Time To Blame The Jews! “Consciously or not, our President — with his increased, and pompously self-righteous, pressure on Israel — has sent a message to the world. It’s time to blame the Jews. And the world, in economic extremis, is all too eager to find someone to blame.”


UPDATE: This came in the email today–

Dear Mr. Hoft,

Allow me to begin by expressing my admiration and appreciation for all the work you do on behalf of the conservative cause and your tirelessness in bringing to light news and information that our servile and culturally Marxist court media would rather not go near; I’m a huge fan of yours, with subscriptions to your Facebook, Google Reader, and Twitter feeds, and have countless times posted or emailed your articles, much to the sheer annoyance of my beloved yet still benighted friends and family. However, as an American Muslim of Egyptian ancestry with a decent command of the Arabic language, I wanted to bring to your attention a slight error in the aforementioned post: The title of the Arabic translation of Mein Kampf pictured in the above post is actually Kafahi (My Struggle). Otherwise, I agree wholeheartedly about the sheer ignorance and dangerous intellectual dishonesty of John “Gentle Jihad” Brennan; in my 28 years, not once has my mother asked me to undertake jihad against junk food or nailbiting, nor do I consider myself a mujahid for fighting encroaching adipose tissue on a daily basis at the gym. Thank you very much for your careful consideration, and please keep up the good work.

Best Regards,

Thanks T.

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