Newsweek Calls For All-Out Assault on Tea Party Movement

Newsweek called for an all-out assault on the Tea Party Movement yesterday.

Ben Adler wants more attacks and more scrutiny on the “racist” tea party protesters. Adler believes it is time for the “free pass” the movement has received from the corrupt press to end. What a crock. Like the media has been fair to tea party protesters? That’s a real laugher.

BK added this:

Holy Crap.
Sorry. I’m just flabbergasted by this Newsweek “we need to bash Tea Partiers more because, well because…” story.

I’ve followed this movement since its beginning. It’s a diverse, loose knit, grassroots movement sick of government intervention, spending, and the current Administration’s “grab all it can get while the grabbing is good” mentality. Some respected conservative pundits are a bit wary of it, but I’m not. Opinions can vary. Fine.

But now, Newsweek is rallying the “news” hounds to hunt this movement down and kill it. That tells me, right there, that the Tea Party is something the left is desperate to destroy … which means it’s something all right thinking conservatives should do their best to preserve, regardless of misgivings. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

But this is what gets me. Really gets me…. Their story makes a statement that 54% of all government spending is military and for veterans … so who do these Tea Partier think they are being against raising taxes? Not raising taxes and only supporting cuts in government spending means killing off the military and denying veterans their due. Straw horse argument if I’ve ever seen one. The gasp-oh-my-G-d I can’t believe-this moment came when I clicked on the link they provided to back up their assertion that 54% of all government spending goes to military and support of veterans. In case you didn’t click on the link in the previous sentence … they linked to this group…

The “leading radical voice in the anti-war movement” according to their home page.

Un-Frickin’-Believable. I don’t give a dang if the 54 percent figure is correct or not. You damn well don’t use a self-confessed “radical” organization as your source reference!!

What used to be a powerhouse news organization (like, maybe a couple decades ago) is now using an ultra-fringe leftist web site to back up their data points.

Kill Newsweek. Now. It doesn’t deserve to continue to exist.



The actual percentage of the US budget that goes toward defense and security is 20% according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. 41% goes towards Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP. But, why should facts matter to the far left cranks at Newsweek? They have a mission. They need to destroy the tea party movement.

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