More Lies & Corruption… Dems Exclude Unions From Their Campaign Finance Bill

After several backroom deals and bribes, Nancy Pelosi was able to ram the democrat’s campaign finance bill through the US House this week. It excludes unions.
Mark Levin weighed in on the dem’s latest controversial piece of legislation.
Via FOX Nation:

Of course, this is not surprising. We’re getting used to these slimy tactics by the Pelosi-Reid democrats.
The Politico reported:

Overcoming opposition from within their own ranks, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic House leaders pushed through a controversial campaign finance reform bill Thursday on a 219-206 vote.

The DISCLOSE — Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Election — Act will require corporations, labor unions, trade associations and advocacy groups to publicly declare their role in TV ads or mass mailings during the closing months of a political campaign, including where the money is coming from to pay for such activities. Foreign-controlled corporations and big government contractors would also be barred from paying for such political activities.

But the House bill exempts the National Rifle Association, unions and other special interests from all or part of the legislation, which Republicans charged was the product of “backroom deals” and Democrats said was necessary to get the bill passed. Floor debate over the bill was heated, with each side accusing the other of acting in bad faith and using the fight to advance its own partisan agenda.


GOP leaders said the legislation would be declared unconstitutional by the federal courts if it is enacted. But the bill faces an uncertain future in the Senate before that could happen.

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