CARLY FIORINA on Her Impressive Record, Sean Hannity & Barbara Boxer's Hair (Video)

Let me be the first to say it—The CARLY FIORINA – BARBARA BOXER GRUDGE MATCH will be the most riveting race in the 2010 cycle. It ought to be great fun to watch one of America’s most destructive liberal senators face the fire. Barbara Boxer, who voted for over $1 trillion in new taxes over her career, has her hands full. She’s been an gross failure during her reign as US Senator.

Last night Carly Fiorina was on with Greta Van Susteren where she discussed her off air comments about Sean Hannity and Boxer’s hair caught on mic.
Carly is TERRIFIC:

Fiorina will be on Hannity Friday night.

Let Freedom Ring analyzes the interview and the race.


By the way… Boxer is already trying to distort Fiorina’s record.
Here’s the truth:

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