Man Carrying Grenades & Impersonating a Soldier Arrested at Fort Gordon (Video) …Update: His Wife Thought He Was Going to Iraq

This is weird…
34 year-old Anthony Saxon of Keysville, Georgia was arrested at Fort Gordon yesterday. His wife thought he was actually in the army and going to Iraq.

Local News 12 reported:

News 12 has confirmed the identity of the suspect accused of bringing explosives onto Fort Gordon yesterday afternoon.

Authorities involved with the case tell News 12 the suspect is 34-year-old Anthony Saxon of Keysville, GA.

Saxon is being held at the Richmond County jail. FBI Special Agent in Charge Anthony Russo says Saxon will have his first court appearance later today at the federal court building in Augusta.

Saxon is accused of posing as a soldier during the incident. Military police first issued a BOLO yesterday around noon because Saxon and his vehicle seemed suspicious. At 3:50 p.m., the vehicle was located on post and Saxon was apprehended.

The initial search of the suspect’s knapsack and vehicle revealed several possible explosives and military-like items. A search of Saxon’s home in Keysville last night turned up more evidence connecting him to the plot at Fort Gordon.

Anthony Saxon looks a bit unhinged. His vehicle matched one used during a theft in April.
His wife said she thought he was in the army and going to Iraq?
The Chronicle reported:

Fort Gordon Spokesman Buz Yarnell said Tuesday night that the alert level at the post was not heightened and that “we’re not using the word terrorist, either.”

A woman who identified herself as Rhonda Saxon, the suspect’s wife, said she was stunned at her husband’s arrest.

“He was in the military at one time,” his wife said this morning in a telephone interview. “I was under the impression we moved here because he had a job at Fort Gordon.”

She and her husband of 15 years moved from Florida to Keysville with their three sons in December because of the military job, and that she was expecting him to be sent overseas to work this week.

“I was under the impression he was leaving for Iraq Thursday,” she said.

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