Gov. Bobby Jindal Defies Obama Administration – Begins Building Barrier Walls Off Louisiana Coast & Calls for End to Obama Moratorium

The National Guard lifts sandbags in Buras, Louisiana, on June 11 to fill in gaps between barrier islands. (CNN)

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) defied the Obama Administration today and ordered the National Guard to build sand barrier walls off the Louisiana coast.
ABC News reported:

Eight weeks into the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of the Mexico, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has told the National Guard that there’s no time left to wait for BP, so they’re taking matters into their own hands.

In Fort Jackson, La., Jindal has ordered the Guard to start building barrier walls right in the middle of the ocean. The barriers, built nine miles off shore, are intended to keep the oil from reaching the coast by filling the gaps between barrier islands.

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Today, huge Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters lined up in the air, dropping sandbags one by one into the sea.

“They are lifting up about 7,000 pounds of sandbags,” said 1st Lt. James Tyson Gabler.

Bobby Jindal also called for an end to the Obama moratorium in the Gulf.


Barack Obama’s oil drilling moratorium will cost tens of thousands of American jobs. Oil companies are planning on moving their rigs from the Gulf of Mexico to South America off the coast of Brazil where the government is more friendly to energy corporations.

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