General Petraeus Passes Out During Senate Committee Hearing (Video)

General David Patraeus, the architect behind the successful Bush Surge in Iraq, passed out today at a Senate Committee hearing in Washington DC.
FOX News ran the video:

After a short break he resumed his testimony.
FOX News reported:

Gen. David Petraeus explained that he must have gotten “dehydrated” after he appeared to pass out in the middle of a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday.

The head of Central Command was in the midst of a dialogue with Arizona Sen. John McCain when he slumped over the witness table. Several officials gathered around Petraeus, who was able to stand up and walk out on his own.

When he returned a few minutes later to a round of applause, he told the committee that he had gotten “light-headed.”


“It wasn’t Senator McCain’s questions,” he said to laughter. “I just got dehydrated.”

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